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Product: Book - Hardcover
Title: MCSD Self-Paced Training Kit: Analyzing Requirements and Defining Microsoft .NET Solution Architectures, Exam 70-300
Publisher: Microsoft Press
Authors: Microsoft Corporation, Microsoft Corporation
Rating: 1/5
Customer opinion - 1 stars out of 5
This book does not help with passing exam

A few words based on what I saw (not what I dreamed?). The book seems to cover the bases, but my experience with the MS Press 70-100 book coaxed me into delaying making a purchase decision. Glad I did. Since I first saw this book, the Exam Cram book on the 70-300 exam has hit the street. It has much more interaction with the reader. There are sample case studies and questions that are formatted just like those on the exam. The Exam Cram book was more like an augmented Transcender practice test. Plus (I think its a plus - I haven't finished the book yet), the Cram book is a faster read.
I'm sure personal preference will cause both books to have a good readership, but wanted to add my 10 cents.

Product: Book - Hardcover
Title: The Protocols (TCP/IP Illustrated, Volume 1)
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional
Authors: W. Richard Stevens
Rating: 4/5
Customer opinion - 4 stars out of 5
PhD Cand in Network Eng

It is a very helpful source. Although there are so many books about TCP/IP, this is one of the best written especially for readers with basic TCP/IP knowledge and application protocols such as FTP, TELNET..To make more out of this book, it should be accompanied with Volume 3 which contains example C source codes

Product: Book - Paperback
Title: Flash Enabled: Flash Design and Development for Devices
Publisher: New Riders Press
Authors: Phillip Torrone, Branden Hall, Glenn Thomas
Rating: 5/5
Customer opinion - 5 stars out of 5
I did't know FLASH MX could do that.

Having used flash for a few years now, I was amazed at all the new stuff you can do with flash, this book give you a glimpse of the future that you can use today. If you want to learn flash MX development for other platforms, PDA's phones etc.. this is the book for you. cheers Wayne Lambright

Product: Book - Paperback
Title: Photoshop 7 for Dummies
Publisher: For Dummies
Authors: Barbara Obermeier, Deke McClelland
Rating: 1/5
Customer opinion - 1 stars out of 5
Bad instruction. Bad examples. Bad book!!

Look out folks!! Bad book alert!
Not only is most of this book a regurgitation of the Dummies book for PS 5.0, but that was bad to begin with. Considering the myriad of other PS 6 books out there, this one is plain old bad. Confusing examples and chapters, some wrong information every so often, and pages that leave you wondering how th eheck to do some functions. Skip this and get "Adobe Classroom in a Book for PS 6."